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subculturemusic's Journal

★ feedback baby! ★
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punk, industrial, new wave, goth, riot grrrl, foxcore, etc!!!

sick of all the music communities being
flooded with flyer after flyer of shows?
or stupid "listen to our new song!!!" posts?
just wanna read/post about GOOD bands?
this community is for YOU.

a place for all subculture music:

punk, industrial, new wave, goth, riot grrrl,
foxcore, deathrock, synthpunk, darkwave... etc.

talk about yr fav bands!
post pix, lyrics, sites, videos, whatever.


only music related posts are allowed.
please tag all posts.
no whoring out yr own band.
no auction posts.
alien sex fiend, android lust, astrovamps, atari teenage riot, babes in toyland, bauhaus, beirut slump, bikini kill, bile, bitchcore, black lung, bratmobile, bryan ferry, christian death, cinema strange, cobra killer, combichrist, covenant, darkwave, das ich, david bowie, dead can dance, dead kennedys, deadsy, death rock, deathrock, destitute, diva destruction, e-craft, ebm, eva chavela, eva o, excuse 17, fear cult, feindflug, foxcore, front 242, front line assembly, funker vogt, genitorturers, goth, goth rock, hanzel und gretyl, haujobb, heavens to betsy, hocico, hole, horrorpops, industrial, jack off jill, joy division, katastrophy wife, kidney theives, kompressor, lolita storm, london after midnight, lycia, lydia lunch, my ruin, necromantix, new wave, new york dolls, nick cave, nina hagen, nirvana, noisex, nurse with wound, otep, pagan babies, partyline, peter murphy, plasmatics, portishead, power noize, pretty girls make graves, psychedelic furs, punk, pzychobitch, queen adreena, rasputina, rehab dolls, release the bats, riot grrrl, rozz williams, s.i.n.a., sassy, scarling., screamo, sex gang children, siouxsie and the banshees, skinny puppy, sleater-kinney, snog, soft cell, soma, spider and the webs, sugar babylon, suicide commando, switchblade symphony, synthpunk, t-rex, teenage jesus&the jerks, the birthday party, the cure, the damned, the drive, the faint, the locust, the phantom limbs, the plasmatics, the screamers, the slits, the vanishing, the venerays, uk decay, velvet acid christ, veronica lipgloss, vnv nation, wumpscut, x-ray spex, yelle, zombina and the skeletones